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Dr. Barbara Beznec


Barbara Beznec SW 


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Barbara Beznec earned her degree in International Relations from Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana, where she later obtained her PhD in Political Science. She has conducted research on migration-related issues for various universities and institutes across Europe and is currently a research associate at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
During the 2000s, her research primarily focused on systemic discrimination and self-organization of Bosnian refugees and migrants in Slovenia. In the following years, she focused on theoretical and analytical reflections on European citizenship, as well as on the concepts of post-national citizenship and citizenship as practice. Since 2015, she has been paying particular attention to the Western Balkans and the Balkan Route within the context of the European Border Regime, as well as to various migration policies and solidarity practices throughout the region.




  • Post-national citizenship
  • Migration policies and practices
  • Social movements
  • Autonomy of migration
  • Balkan Route




  • Data Matters: Sociotechnical Challenges Of European Migration and Border Control (European Cooperation in Science and Technology COST Action)
  • Member of the Management Committee, Member of the Laboratory Working Group




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