Integration, Sport and Football

The department analyzes the structural and functional change of sport and soccer in modern societies with a special focus on their social achievements in terms of integration.

Labor Market, Migration, and Integration

The department’s work focuses on analyzing the labor market trajectories of immigrants and their descendants.

Foundations of Migration and Integration Research

The department works on theoretical and conceptual issues related to migration and integration as well as on the empirical measurement of central concepts.

Migration, Mental and Physical Health and Health Promotion

Research, education and care in the field of mental and physical health among people with different cultural backgrounds.

Integration, Social Networks and Cultural Lifestyles

Our point of departure is to conceptualise migration as a central perspective for understanding society and culture, not as a marginal phenomenon.

Economic Migration and Integration Research

The department focuses on economic determinants and consequences of migration and integration of migrants. 

Integration Research and Social Policy

The department "Integration Research and Social Policy" is focusing on the theoretical research on integration in the field of social sciences and is analyzing international integration concepts and integration politics in heterogeneous societies in comparison and is examining the political impact on the whole society.