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Integration, Sport and Soccer



Short description

The department combines sociological, educational, and psychological perspectives on the meaning of sport and soccer in migration societies.

Guiding Objectives: Research, consulting and knowledge transfer

On the one hand, the department distinguishes itself through empirical basic research with reference to theories on integration, socialization, racism, belonging and social inequality. On the other hand, it conducts empirically based application-oriented research, which includes, for example, evaluation studies and scientific monitoring of projects and organizations.

Results of the research are fed into the scientific community. At the same time, they serve to advise and exchange with actors in civil society, politics and business.


Research focus

The department conducts research in three main areas in particular:

  1. Integration and Sport: The department addresses the sport engagement of migrant and non-migrant groups as well as integration and socialization effects of sport (club) participation. The focus is on different forms of participation (active sports participation, membership in clubs, voluntary and honorary involvement in sports, etc.) and their catalytic function for the social integration of individuals in and through sports.

  2. Belonging and Sport: With reference to the concept of belonging, the department investigates how belonging is granted, denied, and experienced in and through sports and soccer clubs. The focus is on representational logics in sports clubs and associations, processes of boundary drawing in sport, and the emotional experience of belonging in different contexts of sport.

  3. Racism and Sport: The department conducts research on different forms and facets of individual and structural racism in popular and competitive sport. The focus is on othering processes in sports and sports science, as well as on the questions of whether and how racism is perceived and experienced in sports, and whether and how racist narratives have become inscribed in the institutions of sports or are reproduced through them.

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