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Archive of Flight

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With the Archive of Flight, a digital place of remembrance has been created that preserves and reflects the story/s of flight and expulsion to Germany in the 20th and 21st centuries. The experiences of people who left everything behind and found refuge here have shaped the two German states (and their relationship to each other) from the beginning. Some have fled war and destruction, others political persecution or social, cultural or racial exclusion, still others sexual discrimination or sexualised violence. These people tell of flight and expulsion, of torture, exploitation and disenfranchisement, but also of hope and happiness, they talk about home and exile, belonging and new beginnings – and in the end they also reveal surprising, diverse perspectives of German history. The archive was created in cooperation with the Berlin House of World Cultures (HKW – Haus der Kulturen der Welt) and was jointly curated by the author and publicist Carlin Emcke and Manuela Bojadzijev.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Manuela Bojadžijev

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