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Dr. Ramona Rischke

Rischke Ramona SW


  • Associate member of the BIM
  • Head of the junior research group
  • Project ExiTT

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Ramona Rischke is an empirical migration and poverty researcher.

After her studies in international economics and her PhD in development economics at the University of Göttingen, she is currently researching on issues of social cohesion in the context of migration and flight as well as on multi-dimensional causes and effects of migration movements.

In her previous research, she focused on project and policy evaluation, as well as poverty and inequality in low- and middle-income countries.

Since July 2020, Dr. Rischke has been co-head of the Migration Department at DeZIM (German Center
for Integration and Migration Research).

Dr. Rischke is, among others, a member of the Netzwerk Fluchtforschung as well as the Development Economics Research Group, Göttingen.


Selected Publications


  • Rischke, Ramona and Talebi, Nader, Lebanon at a critical conjuncture – Perspectives of Syrians and Lebanese in Lebanon 2019-2021 (May 14, 2021).
  • Dancygier, R., Egami,N., Jamal, A., Rischke, R. (2021). Hate Crimes and Gender Imbalances: Fears over Mate Competition and Violence against Refugees. American Journal of Political Science 10.1111/ajps.12595.
  • Kuhnt, J., Rischke, R., David, A., & Lechtenfeld, T. (2019). Social Cohesion in Times of Forced Displacement. The Perspective of Youth in Jordan. Zeitschrift Für Flüchtlingsforschung, 3(2), 320–342.
  • Kuhnt, J., Lenze, J., & Rischke, R. (2019). Not in My Backyard? Welfare Gains and Social Challenges: The Impact of Refugees on the Host Population in Uganda.



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