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Stefania Animento

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Stefania Animento is an urban sociologist. She completed her PhD at Humboldt Universität and at University of Milan Bicocca in 2019. In her dissertation, she researched the access to work and housing of young Italians who moved to Berlin in the wake of the financial and euro crisis. She focused on the relationship between social class and migration/mobility.

She is currently working on the project "Platform Labour in Urban Spaces" (PLUS), which investigates the transformation of labour in digital platforms. She is interested in the impact of digitalisation on the city, migration, labour and social class.

Stefania Animento has taught at Humboldt University, Evangelische Hochschule Berlin and Bard College, and is a member of the Fairwork Network, the Urban and Regional Sociology section of DGS and SISEC (Italian Society for Economic Sociology).


Selected Publications


Altenried, M.; Animento, S.; Bojadžijev, M. (2021): Plattform-Urbanismus. Arbeit, Migration und die Transformation des urbanen Raums, sub \urban, 9 (1/2),

• Animento, Stefania; De Cesare, Giorgio; Sica, Cristian (2017): Total Eclipse of Work? Neue Protestformen in der Gig Economy am Beispiel des Foodora Streiks in Turin, Prokla, Heft 187, 47 (2), 271-290 (peer reviewed).

• Animento, Stefania (2016): Moving to Berlin from the European South: Push and Pull Factors in an Uneven Developed Context. In: Barbara Schönig; Sebastian Schipper: Urban Austerity: Impacts of the Global Financial Crisis on Cities in Europe, Theater der Zeit: Berlin, 191-206 (peer reviewed).

• Animento, Stefania (2015): Creativity in the ‘Spaces of Hope’: Interactions Between Mega-Projects and Social Struggles in Hamburg, Territorio, 73, 30-38 (peer reviewed).






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