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Berlin Lecture Docquier: Climate change and migration

Berlin Lecture with Prof. Frédéric Docquier:
Climate change and migration
Holy Spirit Chapel
Humboldt University Berlin (HU)

The aim of the Berlin Lecture is to discuss, on the basis of recent research findings, together with guests from academia, politics, the media landscape and civil society, which challenges and consequences arise from the interaction of climate change and global migration processes for the economy, politics and society.

- According to the current state of science, what direct and indirect effects of the climate catastrophe can be expected on global migration processes?

- How does behavior in Western industrialized countries affect migration processes themselves, as well as local mitigation and adaptation processes?

- What role does climate change play for migration policies at international, European and national levels?

Prof. Frédéric Docquier, Ph.D., will introduce the Berlin Lecture with a presentation on the impacts of climate change on local, interregional, and international migration movements, as well as global income inequality.

He teaches at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium and the University of Luxembourg. His work on the new economics of brain drain and the causes and consequences of migration from the perspective of sending and destination countries has made him one of the most renowned and widely cited migration economists in Europe and worldwide.

- Cem Özdemir (The Greens)
- I. E. Maria Dizon-De Vega (Ambassador of the Philippines)
- Caterina Lobenstein (Die Zeit) and
- Dr. Tadzio Müller (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)

will discuss the political, economic and social consequences.

Prof. Dr. Herbert Brücker (BIM) will lead the evening as moderator.

* * *