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Migration is always a spatial phenomenon. The SpaceMig Cluster brings together research on the spatial, local, and urban dimensions of migration and migration societies, which are based at BIM. The starting point is that migration, mobility, and immobility, along with the associated in- and exclusions, are phenomena that are spatially and socially unequally distributed. These are co-produced by various state and non-state actors at different levels. Border regimes, state distribution mechanisms, labor market access, and housing market mechanisms significantly influence where different migrant groups live and work. Depending on the local context, these groups encounter different housing markets, infrastructures, social networks, civil society actors, policies, and administrative practices, as well as varying dynamics of conflicts, discrimination, and racism. This, in turn, affects access to rights, resources, opportunities for social participation, and other dimensions of social inequality. These and related questions are the focus of the cluster's work and the associated projects.


Research Areas (Selection)

  • Social Inequality and Space in Migration Societies
  • Spatial Configurations of Discrimination, Racism, and Boundaries
  • Reception of Refugees / Arrival Processes in the Local Context
  • Local Democracy and Polarization in the Context of Migration
  • Negotiation of Local Orders in Neighborhoods
  • Memory Spaces of Racist and Right-Wing Violence
  • Local Inclusion of Post-Migrant (Intersectional) Diversity in Urban Contexts
  • Care and Health as Spatial Practice


Dr. Nihad El-Kayed is the speaker of the project.



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