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Digitalisierung von Arbeit und Migration

Digital technologies are not only changing the world of work, but also mobility and migration. The project "Digitization of Work and Migration" investigates the reorganization of work through digital platforms and how forms, practices and concepts of labor migration are changing along with it.



Platforms form a central infrastructure of this transformation currently being observed. From cab services like Uber or delivery services like Deliveroo to the portal Helpling for the placement of cleaners, platforms for almost every kind of work have emerged in recent years, and there is hardly an area of social division of labor and everyday lifestyle in which digital platforms no longer play a role.

We examine two exemplary fields of platform work: the increasingly globally distributed digital work on crowdwork platforms (in Germany and Romania) and work on the so-called last mile of the digitized delivery and mail order business (in Berlin).

Both variants of platform work are characterized by algorithmic management, a demand-oriented and temporary allocation of labor, and flexibilized forms of contracts and wages.

Not only do new and heterogeneous working relationships emerge here. They always combine in different ways with old and new practices and forms of temporary and flexible mobility. Thus, platform work in our research fields is performed to a large extent by migrant workers. At the same time, new dimensions of "virtual" migration can be observed, where the labor of the workers migrates while the workers* themselves stay in their home countries (Aneesh). Our project conceptualizes these empirical, theoretical and socio-political implications of labor and migration under digital conditions.


Funding partner

The project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under the project title: "Digitalization of Work: Configurations of Real and Virtual Migration".

Research team


  • Prof. Manuela Bojadžijev (direction)
  • Dr. Moritz Altenried (Post-Doc)
  • Mira Wallis (PhD)
  • Daniel Jarczyk (Student Employe)
  • Felix Busch-Geertsema

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