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Hunkler et al. 2022

Hunkler, Christian, Tabea Scharrer, Magdalena Suerbaum, Zeynep Yanasmayan (2022):

Spatial and Social Im/mobility in Forced Migration: Revisiting Class

In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Online

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Hruschka, Hunkler & Rohmann 2022

Hruschka, Constantin, Christian Hunkler, Tim Rohmann (2022):

Exclusionary Intent and Effects in the Migration Area.Interdisciplinary Reflections

In: Quarterly on Refugee Problems 61(2): 130-154Online

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Edele, Seuring, Schotten, Kristen, Stanat 2023

Edele, A., Seuring, J., Schotte, K., Kristen, C., & Stanat, P. (2023):

Is the first language a resource, an obstacle or irrelevant for language minority students' education?

In: S. Weinert, G. Blossfeld & H.-P. Blossfeld (Hrsg.), Education as a lifelong process: Analyzing data of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS). Springer.

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Boda, Lorenz, Jansen, Stanat, Edele 2023

Boda, Z., Lorenz, G., Jansen, M., Stanat, P., & Edele, A. (2023):

Ethnic diversity fosters the social integration of refugee students

In: Nature Human Behaviour.

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Edele, Stanat 2023

Edele, A., & Stanat, P. (2023, im Druck):

Zuwanderung und soziale Ungleichheit [Immigration and social inequality]

In: H. Reinders, D. Bergs-Winkels, A. Prochnow & I. Post. (Hrsg.), Lehrbuch Empirische Bildungsforschung: Eine elementare Einführung. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.

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Hunkler u. Schotte 2023

Hunkler, Christian, Kristin Schotte (2023):

Educational integration by the third generation? Placement and academic achievement of students with immigrant background in Germany

In: Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft. Online

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Lütke, Rödel 2023

Lütke, B., & Rödel, L. (2023):

Fachunterricht und Sprachbewusstheit

In: Anja Wildemann & Lena Bien-Miller (Hrsg.), Sprachbewusstheit. Perspektiven aus Forschung und Didaktik. Berlin: Springer.

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Nobis & Lazaridou 2022

Tina Nobis, Felicia Lazaridou (2022):

Racist Stacking in Professional Soccer in Germany.

In: International Review for the Sociology of Sport (Online first)

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Abteilung Integration, Sport und Fußball

Sardoschau 2020

Sulin Sardoschau (2020):

The Future of Migration to Germany. Assessing Methods in Migration Forecasting

In: DeZIM Project Report, DPR 1|20. Online

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Özvatan 2020

Özgür Özvatan (2020):

The Great Secession: Ethno-National Rebirth and the Politics of Turkish-German Belonging

In: Social Inclusion 8/1. Online

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Salikutluk et al. 2020

Zerrin Salikutluk, Johannes Giesecke, Martin Kroh (2020):

The Situation of Female Immigrants on the German Labour Market: A Multi-Perspective Approach

In: DIW - SOEPpapers 1072 Online

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Bertoli et al. 2020

Simone Bertoli, Herbert Brücker, Jesús Fernándes-Huertas Moraga (2020):

Do Processing Times Affect the Distribution of Asylum Seekers across Europe?

In: IZA – Institute of Labor Economics, Discussion Paper Series, No. 13018. Online

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Tuchel et al. 2020

Jacqueline Tuchel, Ulrike Burrmann, Tina Nobis, Enrico Michelini, Torsten Schlesinger (2020):

Practices of German voluntary sports clubs to include refugees

In: Sport in Society, 24/1. Online (veröffentlicht 08.01.2020)

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