Migration and Logistics - Project b. Digitalization and self-organized migrant logistics

New digital technologies play a central role in logistical development as they simplify processes of organization and efficiency enhancement. The same applies to the sphere of migration. This does not only include processes of ruling, controlling and regulating migratory flows initiated by states, but also the (self-)organization of migration processes by refugees and other migrants themselves. Smartphones have a significant importance in this process. So far, subjective experiences by contemporary refugees show explicit and implicit processes of mobile media approbiation, smartphones serve as mobile migration assistants with complex and individualist use types. Its applications regarding navigation, translation, communication with home- and arrival-country and provision of information etc. are indispensable and essential to transnational migration-processes. This sub-project surveys the role of mobile and social media as instruments of self-empowerment for refugees on their way to and in Berlin.

In a first step, 15 qualitative interviews are conducted adressing media use in the home country, during migration and after arrival in Germany. The second step consists of constructing a quantitative questionary, which is going to be handed out to 300-500 interviewees at reception centers and emergency shelters for refugees.

This research project is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration and the Federal Chancellery.


05/2016 - 12/2016


Dr. Sina Arnold

Dr. Sina Arnold

Former Scientific Managing Director / Member (Post-Doc) of the Department "Integration, Social Networks and Cultural Lifestyles"