Dr. Nader Talebi

Researcher and Guest Lecturer at the department "Integration research and social policy"

B.Eng. in software engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology.

Active volunteer, organizer, researcher and member of management board of the Society for defending street and working children. The main target of the NGO was Afghan refugees in Iran.

M.A. in the department of Social Sciences, Allame Tabatabaie University, Tehran. Master thesis on "Child Labor and Class Reproduction, case study: Laboring Children (Afghan Refugees) in Society for Defending Street and Laboring Children".

PhD in the department of Sociology at Lancaster University on "State Power and Revolution: Toward a Strategic-Relational Analysis of the 1979 Revolution in Iran".

Since 2015
Lecturer for the award wining initiative "Berlin In Dialouge" at Humbolt University.

Coordinator of "RefugeesHub", a cyber base for Farsi/Dari speaking refugees in Berlin.

Research Interests
State Theory, Social Space, Migration, Nationalism, Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Strategic-Relational Approach, and the modern history of Iran.

Dr. Nader Talebi


Fon: +49 (0)30 2093-46255