Dr. Latife Akyüz

Einstein Research Fellow

Dr. Latife Akyüz received her PhD from Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara in 2013, with the dissertation titled `“Ethnicity and Gender Dynamics of Living in Borderlands: The Case of Hopa-Turkey”. She has held positions as a visiting scholar at Indiana University (2010), Binghamton University (2011–12) and the Center for Ethnic and Migration Studies, Liege University (2014). She worked as an Assistant Professor at Duzce University from March 2014 until 2016, when she, like many other Academics for Peace, were dismissed from her position. As a result, Dr. Akyuz was forced to flee Turkey and started to work as Philipp Schwartz Fellow at Goethe University (2016-2019). Her research interests are border regions, migration, ethnicity, and gender.

Current Research: Trans-Exile Intellectuals: “Continuities and Breaks in Knowledge Production Processes in Transnational Social Space”

The main focus of the research is to identify, to discuss and to explore, how knowledge production process of exile academics ruptured, what meanings/ experiences/ identifications transferred/ attached to new life in Germany and what kind of new developments occurred or difficulties created by the status of ‘being exile’ for intellectuals who fled from Turkey after coup attempt in July 2016. 

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Latife Akyüz