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Hunkler et al. 2022

Hunkler, Christian, Tabea Scharrer, Magdalena Suerbaum, Zeynep Yanasmayan (2022):

Spatial and Social Im/mobility in Forced Migration: Revisiting Class

In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Online

Journal Article

Hruschka, Hunkler & Rohmann 2022

Hruschka, Constantin, Christian Hunkler, Tim Rohmann (2022):

Exclusionary Intent and Effects in the Migration Area.Interdisciplinary Reflections

In: Quarterly on Refugee Problems 61(2): 130-154Online

Journal Article

Edele, Seuring, Schotten, Kristen, Stanat 2023

Edele, A., Seuring, J., Schotte, K., Kristen, C., & Stanat, P. (2023):

Is the first language a resource, an obstacle or irrelevant for language minority students' education?

In: S. Weinert, G. Blossfeld & H.-P. Blossfeld (Hrsg.), Education as a lifelong process: Analyzing data of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS). Springer.

Journal Article