Peace Dialogue Campus Network: Fostering Positive Attitudes between Migrants and Youth in Hosting Societies

The project aims to foster a more peaceful generation in Europe and in Turkey that approaches migrants with positive attitudes to overcome prejudices, tackle discrimination and help social inclusion through intercultural communication. It will aim to achieve this objective via an international peace dialogue campus network of university students, led by 30 "Peace Envoys". They will be trained for 2 years in the Peacemakers project to develop their problem solving, critical thinking, collaborative working and conflict resolution skills through rigorous academic preparation, experiential education and leadership development. Both formal (online course) and non-formal (train-the-trainer camps) education methods will be used. The 30 Peace Envoys will be composed of 6 students from 5 partner universities (except Aberta, which is an open university that only offers online education). They will gather in 3 train-the-trainer camps in Istanbul, Florence, Rotterdam respectively. Each train-the-trainer camp will take place for 5 days. In these train-the-trainer camps, the Peace Envoys will be trained as trainers, who will be assigned, right after the Train-the-trainer Camp 1, with the task of training student groups and creating peace dialogue students’ clubs in their home universities, which will finally become a "Peace Dialogue Campus Network".
This program is led by Koc University in Istanbul, with a generous funding from Erasmus Plus. The project will last for 2 years and it will be completed in March 2020.

Partners: Erasmus University in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Gaziantep University (Turkey), Universidade Aberta (Portugal), Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin (Germany), University of Bologna (Italy) and Koc University (Turkey)

Responsible Professor at Humboldt University: Prof. Gökce Yurdakul (Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Diversity and Social Conflict, Berliner Institut für Integrations- und Migrationsforschung)


01/2018 - 03/2020