SOEP-Record-Linkage: Befragung von Zuwanderern der Sozialversicherungsstatistik im Längsschnitt (SOEP-REC-LINK)

There is currently a lack of reliable empirical data in two areas of growing importance for future migration and integration research: a) data on the integration of German-born children and grandchildren of immigrants, and b) data on the integration of immigrants from countries that have joined the EU since 2004. In cooperation with the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) in Nuremberg, the SOEP is creating a sample of immigrants to Germany based on administrative data from the Federal Employment Agency that will then be continued as a longitudinal household survey in the SOEP study framework. The initial linkage of survey data on migrants with administrative data - including an experiment on agreement to the linkage of register data - opens up new analytical potentials for research and policy advice, and is of major importance for the research infrastructure in Germany.


06/2013 - 05/2016


Prof. Dr. phil. Ingrid Tucci

Prof. Dr. phil. Ingrid Tucci

Member of the Departments "Labor Market, Migration, and Integration" and "Foundations of Migration and Integration Research"; Research Associate at the SOEP Center, DIW Berlin

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Prof. Dr. Martin Kroh

Prof. Dr. Martin Kroh

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