Prof. Dr. Naika Foroutan

Director, Head of the Department "Integration Research and Social Policy"

List of Publications of Prof. Dr. Naika Foroutan

Naika Foroutan is Professor of Social Sciences at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. She specializes in integration and migration research with a particular focus on countries of immigration, their shifting identities as well as their prevalent attitudes towards minorities. She has been appointed Director of the Berlin Institute on Integration and Migration Research (BIM) – a research institute based at Humboldt University aimed at providing empirical analysis for migration and integration debates in Europe.

Naika Foroutan led on the two much acclaimed research projects HEYMAT (Hybrid European Muslim Identities) and JUNITED (New Islam-related-topics in Germany). She has published widely on the themes of shifting identities in Germany, attitudes towards Muslims in Germany as well as on postmigrant societies - a newly developed theoretical framework for analyzing transformations in migration-impacted societies.  

Naika Foroutan also serves as an adviser and consultant to German political parties and other national and international institutions and is also a board member of the Council on Migration in Germany.


Social-Scientific Theories and Concepts:

Empirical research on migration and integration (Muslims in Germany  – statistical data, empirical analysis, public discourse)
Theories of hybridity and identity (construction of ethnicity and culture, personal processes of identity formation)
Theories of conflict (particularly inter-ethnic, inter-cultural, inter-religious conflicts)

Political Systems & System Transformation:

System transformations in Western countries of immigration
The political system of Iran
Islam in Germany (associations, institutions, religious practices, legal framework)

International Relations: 

Mechanisms of conflict regulation in international relations
Transnational migration (particularly Muslim community building)
International parameters of politicized Islam (fundamentalism, islamis, salafism, wahhabism, jihadism)

Prof. Dr. Naika Foroutan


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