Firoozeh Farvardin

Associate member

Firoozeh Farvardin, is a researcher at Humboldt University of Berlin where she also defended her doctoral thesis on the state and social and sexual politics in Iran.

Born in Iran, she studied software engineering and sociology before starting her second master program in Berlin. She has worked as a researcher in several projects on migration, racism, and urban sociology, focusing on Middle Eastern migrants in Germany and Afghan refugees in Iran. She also used to be a guest lecturer (2015-2018) mainly on transnational migration at BIM.

Her research interest includes sexual politics, social politics, transnational migration and racism, social movements, and decolonization of knowledge productions on these issues, particularly in the contexts of the Middle East and Iran.

Research Interests

State Theory, Gender Relation, Social Space, Migration, Historical Sociology, Political Sociology,


Berlin in Dialogue

04/2018 - 08/2018