Berlin in Dialogue - Public Workshop and Panel Discussion

05.04.2019 um 15:00

We want to invite you to two bilingual events which are organized as a part of the seminar series “Berlin in Dialogue” by the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration research. Both events will take place at the Department of Social Sciences of Humboldt University. In the attachment you can find the descriptions translated in Farsi and Arabic. We recommend to register in advance:

Workshop by Lilith Collective:
Is Berlin as colorful as it claims? Gender-based and racial violence and exclusion in Berlin
15:00-18:00 (English and Farsi)

You may have heard that Berlin, in comparison with other cities in Germany or even in Europe, is a ‘colorful’ city: it enjoys high gender and racial diversity.
Every corner of this city is filled with traumas and wounds of intense violence and pain of the recent past, and every old standing brick in the walls is as well a reminder of peoples’ struggles and resistance against Fascism and the oppression of the minorities. These struggles continue to live through different collectives, organizations, and movements, which implies the fact that the job is not done yet.
Our objective in this workshop is to shed light on the long way toward a ‘colorful’ city. We try to achieve this by narrating some everyday practices of exclusion and violence experienced by the emigrants and/or gender minorities in the public spheres of Berlin. With telling these stories, we also intend to challenge the processes through which some urban spaces have become exclusive or inaccessible for migrant and non-heteronormative bodies. During this workshop, we would like to hear your ideas and discuss collective and practical solutions to resist these exclusions and acts of violence.
The methods for facilitating the workshop will include mind-mapping and Fishbowl.

Public Panel Discussion with Dr. Hoda Salah and Iskander Ahmad Abdallah
17:00-19:30 (English and Arabic)

Together with Asala Bader and Nassim Mehran, the speakers are going to discuss feminism and the gender equality movement in the Arab world under the light of orientalism. Moreover, gendered Self-images in Arab countries and Europe/Berlin will be debated with the audience and participants.
Dr. Hoda Salah is specialized in Political and Islamic Sciences, and works as a Publicist and professor. She worked at the university of Marburg, Leipzig and Frankfurt as well as the American University in Cairo. Her Ph. D Thesis was titled: Democratization as a performative cultural Practice: Manhood in the Arabic Societies. The researches concentrated on the democratizing prosses, Islamism, Gender Studies and taboos in the Arab World in the context of politic, sexuality and religion.
Iskander Ahmad Abdallah is a researcher in Islamic Studies at Berlin Free University. He studied History, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies in Alexandria, Munich and Berlin. In his research, he is interested in various subjects related to Islam and the mechanisms of the secular state in Europe, the Queer theory, and the visual culture in the Arab world. Technical Coordinator at the Arab Film Festival Berlin and writes periodically at the East Forum Alsharq.d

Universitätsstraße 3b
10117 Berlin
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