Akademische Debatte mit Dr. Mette Louise Berg

17.05.2017 um 18:00

Differences That Make a Difference: Producing and Governing Diversity in London

Intensified globalization, growing inequality, and conflict are creating new patterns of migration and mobility in the 21st century. Urban spaces have always been characterised by difference, but recently cities and neighbourhoods across Europe have seen an intensification of migration-driven demographic diversity. In a context marked by welfare austerity, a post-Brexit rise in racist and other hate crimes, and increasing differentiation over access to public services, profound questions pose themselves: What differences make a difference in diverse urban areas? How are differences produced, governed, and made socially significant, for whom, how, and when? How do we live with difference?

This talk presents material from a study in a 'super-diverse' inner London area marked by gentrification and juxtapositions of wealth and deprivation. Focusing on micropublics of interaction between local residents and service providers, it focuses on the production of difference and diversity in schooling and housing.

Institut für Sozialwissenschaften
Universitätsstr. 3b
10117 Berlin
Raum 002

BIM-Akademische Debatte

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