Akademische Debatte mit Prof. Melissa Herman

17.01.2017 um 18:00

Youth, Race, and Racism in the US

The lecture will be held by Prof. Melissa Herman, Ph.D (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire).
Prof. Dr. Petra Stanat (Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen (IQB) / Abteilung Bildung und Integration, BIM) will moderate the event.

Americans discuss and deal with race in different ways than Germans do, in part because of the different (immigration) histories of the two countries. How do Americans understand race? How are these understandings passed on to youth and what are the effects of this legacy?
This presentation will cover definitions of stereotype, racism, and discrimination, theories behind Herman’s work on biracial youth, research on the identity development of biracial youth, and findings about how biracial youth are perceived by others. Some important conclusions are 1) although Americans think they understand race, they are not very good at identifying the races of other people (particularly biracial people), 2) despite the “melting pot” of race in American society, racism remains potent and affects biracial people in unexpected ways, 3) measuring race is challenging and controversial but important not only for scientific inquiry but also to public policy.
Sociologist Melissa Herman studies adolescent development, focusing on multiracial youth. Since November 2016, she is a fellow at the BIM and part of the Department of Education and Integration.

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