Dr. Melehat Kutun

Dr. Melehat Kutun has received her PhD from Gazi University, Ankara. She has been a visiting PhD student at University of York (2009-2010), researcher at University of York in England (2015-2016), researcher at EHES Social Sciences, FMSH Paris, France (November-February 2017). She worked as a research Assistant at Gazi University, as an Assistant Professor at Mersin University (2003-2016). She has been a guest lecturer (April-July 2017) and Philipp Schwartz fellow (2017-2020) at Universität Kassel.
Melahat Kutun currently works on the contemporary Turkish politics, critical state theories and migration.

"The 'humanitarian' face of the state: Refugee integration, labour regime and state restructuring in Germany"

The aim of the study is twofold: to understand the role of the state agents/actors in the integration of refugees into the labour market, and to contribute to the theoretical conversation between state theory (Poulantzas and Bourdieu) and migration studies. The study takes 2015 as a starting point assuming that the refugee influx began to be reflected in the refugee integration policies and the labour market policies concomitantly. The basic assumption of the research is that refugee integration policy is first and foremost a labour market policy. The study will contribute to the discussions and the literature through answering the questions; Which institutional and political-administrative mechanisms have an impact on the refugee integration policies and how different conflicting actors, political/social/economic, influence these policies in the context of labour market?


Dr. Melehat Kutun